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The main advantage of LED lighting is undoubtedly the reduced power consumption. With all the Government bans and efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, LED bulbs tick all the boxes. The efficiency of the newer LED light bulbs is more that 5-6 times higher than standard incandescent bulbs which, put another way, means that LED bulbs use only about 1/6th of the energy to produce the same amount of light.

Because LED bulbs direct most of their light where it is needed they can be up to 10 times as effective in many instances, thus reducing energy use by up to 90%. LED bulbs are not only highly efficient but last considerably longer than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. The operational life of LED bulbs can vary from 40.000 up to 100.000 hours. Even at 40,000 hours this is 4.5 years of continuous operation which under average usage means these bulbs will last over 10years. Compared to a halogen spotlight bulb, LED spots last up to 24 times longer. LED bulbs do not burn out like other bulbs they just gradually decrease in light output.

You can expect a little bit of warmth radiating from your LED lamp – but a lot less than halogen and incandescent equivalents. This is because LEDs use 90-95% of their energy supply to produce light, while the other 5-10% of energy used produces heat – the opposite being true for older bulbs, which is why you have to careful when changing them.

This is largely a matter of personal choice. However there are a few things to consider. Lights that point up reflect most of their light back down off the ceiling and will work best if you have a white or pale coloured ceiling. If you choose lights with glass shades they will allow light through whether they are pointing up or down and clear shades will obviously let more light through that frosted or coloured shades. Consider how much light you need in the room taking into account any other lights (wall lights, floor lamps etc.) that you have in the room.

It may sound obvious but please ensure that the light is switched off and the bulbs have cooled down before doing any cleaning! The brass, metal or painted frames of light fittings should only need a dusting from time to time with a feather duster or soft brush. Brass fittings are often coated with a lacquer to stop tarnishing so please do not use abrasive cleaning products on your fittings. If your brass lights are not coated they will over time develop an attractive rich natural antique patina.

The best way to clean crystal is by using a small amount of mild washing up liquid diluted in water. Use a cotton glove to rub over each crystal with the soapy water and then use a dry glove to dry them. If you are able to remove the crystals for cleaning you can immerse them in the soapy water, rinse with clear water and leave to dry naturally before refitting. Please ensure you make a note of where the crystals go before removing them, otherwise you could end up in real trouble! If you are lucky enough to have a large crystal chandelier it may be worth buying some special crystal or chandelier cleaner. You can then spray the crystal decorations with the cleaner and leave them to drip dry – place a suitable cloth underneath the light to catch the drips.

Lights in sitting rooms, bedrooms and hallways should be hung approximately 7 feet above floor level. Please remember that this is only a basic guideline – it is your room, so hang the light fitting at a height you are comfortable with. Another point to consider is that a light will look larger the lower it hangs and smaller if you hang it higher.

The same basic rules apply to hanging lights in entrance halls or foyers, but if you have a double height ceiling over two floor, ideally the light fitting should not hang below the second floor. If you are hanging your light higher to compensate for the two story setting, you may wish to consider adding a couple of inches to the diameter of the fitting you choose to ensure it does not look too small for the setting.